Presentation of Master's Degree Program "Data Science in Software Engineering" at Tomsk Polytechnic University

"Data Science in Software Engineering" is an interdisciplinary master’s program focused on application of data science methods and tools during the software development process, especially for design, testing and quality assurance of AI based systems

Образование за рубежом 12+

This Master’s Degree Program includes training in the fields of software engineering, mathematical modelling, complex systems analysis, as well as multi-dimensional data analysis, natural language processing, and process mining.

Graduates of the Program will be able to solve problems concerning data search, storage, preparation and analysis, as well as interpretation of results in the area of software development with focus on testing and quality assurance.


Academic director of the master program
Rostislav Yavorskiy, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Administrative director of the master program
Aleksei Zarubin, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Industrial partner
Iosif Itkin, Exactpro


  • Specialization: Data Science in Software Engineering
  • Area: 09.04.01 Informatics and computer engineering
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Format: distant learning with offline events
  • Tuition fee (per year): 256 300 RUB (2 900 EUR)
  • Russian government scholarships: 15 bursaries 

Training projects

  • Exploratory analysis and visualization of complex data sets
  • Monitoring and process discovery for high load applications
  • High volume log mining
  • NLP tools for analysis of software specifications
  • Automated classification of bug reports


  • AI testing
  • Analysis and modeling of complex systems
  • Data engineering
  • Graph theory and network analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Process mining
  • System reliability and security
  • Technology entrepreneurship
  • Time-series analysis
  • Quality assurance for enterprise software

How to enroll

Use the following section at TPU website

Related events

The meeting with the program management will start on 25 June 2021 (Friday), at 12:00Msk

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1116 дней назад
25 июня 2021 12:00–14:00

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